A Journalist’s Instagram-Famous Home in Buenos Aires

Lovely post in http://www.apartmenttherapy.com: Carina’s kitchen is an Instagram sensation. She posts pictures taken at this table almost every day. Image credit: Federico Paul

«Don’t rush into decorating your house in a week because you’ll make expensive mistakes,» says @carina.michelli, owner to this stunning Buenos Aires home. «Live in the spaces and develop a vision of how you want them to feel.» Click the link in our bio to see the complete tour. (Image: @fedepaul | Home: @carina.michelli)

Name: Carina, her husband, and their daughters Isabel and Francisca
Location: Nordelta — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 2580 square feet
Years lived in: 6 years, owned

Carina and her family moved in to this house they built in the suburbs just one month before giving birth to their youngest daughter. While she’s paused her career as a journalist to devote herself to raising her children, she’s used her curiosity to seek inspiration for decorating her house, room by room.

Along came Instagram, where she started to share the lovely spaces she created. Her dreamy kitchen became a sensation, and she herself ended up being a source of inspiration for thousands of others. Now that her daughters are older, she’s resumed her writing career, this time on the blog Dos Casas, which she runs with a friend.

Carina stresses the importance of order and attention to detail when decorating interiors. These are the elements vital for creating a sense of harmony in every room. She says that cheerful colors and a variety of textures are also important. And, if you ever have doubt about what to add to a room, Carina strongly recommends you buy more flowers.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: I don’t go after a certain style or period, because I don’t like being surrounded by too much of the same. I like clean, relaxed rooms with lots of texture. A white canvas for natural woods and colorful accessories.

Inspiration: I’m very curious, I love interior books, magazines and peeking into other people’s houses on Instagram. I often go back to old books and find ideas that I passed by that have now come to rescue a room or vignette.

Favorite Element: My kitchen island. When designing the kitchen I imagined it white with a long rustic table. I love all the ways we use it, from my first coffee at dawn to family dinner; everything happens here.

Biggest Challenge: Decorating the bedrooms for my two daughters, because I don’t like pink or overly feminine things. I wanted their rooms to be playful, inspiring, and to last through their childhood.

What Friends Say: Our friends always say how comfortable they feel in the kitchen, and compliment our tidiness.

Biggest Embarrassment: The laundry room. I still can’t figure a way to keep it uncluttered. Also the gallery, it’s hard to find materials that really stand the weather.

Proudest DIY: I’m not very skillful at DIY, but I’m good at finding alternative uses for common things. I framed shopping bags for the living room gallery wall, and used a tablecloth as a bedspread.

Biggest Indulgence: The big, deep sofas from the living room. I wanted that area to be super comfy to make sure that it’ll be used.

Best Advice: Don’t rush into decorating your house in a week because you’ll make expensive mistakes. Live in the spaces and develop a vision of how you want them to feel. Set priorities for each room and focus your energy on achieving those goals before moving on to the next space.

Dream Sources: Ferm Living.

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