Los Angeles, ten days at Pacific coastline

Peace, luxury and madness at LA …

From the cute and tame Santa Monica, Malibu and its farms and palazzos, the madness of Venice Beach full of skateboard, a collection of images trapped with my Leica DLux 6, so small and adorable. Thanks Montblanc !!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       captures by Carlos Alvarez Insua


retocada-6 retocada-16 retocada-11 retocada-10 retocada-1 retocada-5 retocada-8 retocada-4 retocada-8retocada-7 retocada-13 retocada-15 retocada-2 retocada-3 retocada-14 retocada-12tblanc


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