Film is not dead

Leica-lll-A-Summarit-5cm, Villa del Parque

Leica-lll-A-Summarit-5cm, Villa del Parque

Black and White running in my mind

From frenze in Italy to Villa del parque in Buenos Aires… From a Leica 35 lllC of 1940 / circa / to  Contax T2 of 90’s. What unites is the magic glam of the film of 35 mm  Hillford HP and Hilford and Hilford PanF, at the old Leica. Film is not dead.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  captures Carlos Alvarez Insua, 2016

contax-t2-copy-4 leica-lllc-canon-28mm leica-lll-a-canon-28mm leica-lll-a-summarit-5cm-retocada-1 contax-t2 leica-lll-a-summarit-5cm-retouch-1

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