David O. Russell / Prada


It’s Dada Prada! David O. Russell on His Surreal Fashion Film for Prada

David O. Russell discusses his latest film for Prada.

Early this summer, David O. Russell, he of incomparable films like I Heart Huckabees, The Fighter, American Hustle . . . the list goes on, set out to make a movie for Prada. The result is a black-and-white silent film that starts out with somewhat routine ladies in trenches, played by Allison Williams, Freida Pinto, and Kuoth Wiel, and quickly segues into a Dadaist plot that cycles through everything from a choreographed fight sequence to making love on the beach. In the film, titled Past Forward, Connie Britton and Paula Patton play shoeless adversaries—or are they friends? John Krasinski, Jack Huston, and Sinqua Walls are all love interests—or love enemies? Sacha Baron Cohen is a spooky doctor without a mouth.

Past Forward by David O. Russell debuts on Prada.com today. 

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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