Ginza Boutique / Cartier

Opening of the Ginza Boutique: A Temple to Cartier High Jewellery in Japan.

Renowned for the excellence of its customer service and the sumptuous luxury of its shopping experience, Cartier’s new flagship boutique in Japan opens its doors in Ginza. The magic of the Maison, its legends and heritage, are presented in a modern setting that resonates with references to Japanese culture.


Cartier has reopened of its flagship in Ginza, Tokyo following extensive renovations. The flagship store covers a surface of 10,764-square-feet.

The Ginza boutique houses the luxury jewelry company’s men’s and women’s watch collections on the first floor, diamonds, including engagement rings, contemporary designs and special orders, on the second floor and fashion accessories and leather goods on the lower level. Interior designer Bruno Moinard created unique spaces for each floor, with the first floor featuring brown tones and soft hues of beige, gold and champagne, and the second floor featuring feminine contrasting hues of ivory and champagne.

The façade, which was designed by Sylvain Dubuisson, was constructed in two sections with the lower part being a dark brown, orange-toned granite stone façade inspired by the company’s boutique in Paris on Rue de la Paix, and the second section featuring Japanese screens, or Shoji, made from traditional paper and wood cuts arranged to resemble a Japanese cedar, or Sugi, which is Japan’s national tree.

Cartier first entered the Asia market in 1970 in Hong Kong and later opened in Singapore in 1973. The jewelry company opened a boutique in Ginza in 1991 and opened the flagship in 2003, which introduced Cartier’s interior design concept by Moinard. The boutique was renovated and reopened in 2007, and it reopens again after being renovated for two years.