The panther is the signature animal of Cartier, full of both savagery and glamour. The iconic feline embodies femininity with the spirit of a conqueror and wiles of a seductress. Her presence alone is enough to leave a mark of pure allure on the precious bags which bear her likeness.

Generations of elegant women and distinguished clients emerge from the myth of the panther, as does the legend, history and mastery of Cartier, whose expertise is in a perpetual state of evolution.
Today’s panther is streamlined, with grid patterns and highly graphic appeal, crucial elements taking centre stage on Cartier’s precious bags.

The panther becomes a statuesque effigy on a bag with gold lattice and black calfskin leather or crocodile skin clutch bags. Precious bags, in which intelligence meets modernity, a blend of subtle extravagance with chic elegance allowing them to be donned day or night. Perfectly suited to any situation, these bags serve to define the contours of the silhouette and entice the eye with an allure as rare as it is magnetic…

Monochrome clutch bags with «hands-free» carry

The colour black holds sway over these clutch bags, with golden flashes enhancing the aesthetic. The black colour was chosen by Cartier to accentuate the radical centrepiece of a faceted panther head. Supple, rectangular and graphic, the bags seamlessly accompany every gesture, gracing the hand like a second skin.


Gold lacework: chain-mail with the allure of jewellery

Inspired by an owl bag from the Cartier Collection which dates back to 1906, this jewel is entirely clad in gold lattice. Its stunning geometry is brought to life through the pure creativity of Cartier. Produced by hand in Cartier workshops, the piece required numerous artistic crafts, including jewellery, gem-setting, goldsmithing, leather crafting, and more.

Here, the panther reigns supreme, her head entirely paved with diamonds, with emerald eyes and an onyx muzzle.


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